PokerStars Selling Day

Recently we got a great opportunity to sell Caffee Jui at PokerStars. Although we had a fantastic day as a team and a company, behind the scenes there was lots to do in order to prepare.

On the Tuesday, 2 days before, we were busy brewing Caffee Jui, and preparing the labels. We painstakingly measured out the manx roasted coffee, before filling the muslin bags.

Wednesday, we concentrated our efforts on the labels. Every single label, front and back, had to be cut out by hand. This task took up most of the day, with the evening being spent bottling up our cold brew coffee into our glass jars.

The selling day itself we were still preparing. Our Managing Director, Matthew, was busy assembling our display board, while Phin and Torry were making final edits to documents and photos placed on the sheets, as well as applying the labels to the bottles. By 12:00 we were finished, and drove to Onchan.

Having arrived at PokerStars, we then set up. Customers began to arrive quickly, and within 90 minutes we had sold out! We had a great time selling Caffee Jui, and informing customers about the benefits of cold brew coffee. We must say thank you to our mentor Freya, for organising this great opportunity.

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